Vanita Kaura

I was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada. By day, I’m an Elementary school teacher, a mom, an amateur decorator, a DIYer, and a photographer. By night, I’m a really tired woman!  With all of the different hats I wear (figuratively) on a daily basis, I try my best to be as effective as I can be. That means I spend a lot of thinking about how I do things and when I do them so I can actually finish them and still have some time for myself. By sharing some of these tidbits and hacks with you , I hope I can help you in your journey, not as a supermommy, but as an effective one.

Interesting (I hope!) Facts About Me

  1. I love salsa. I love it so much that you can frequently find me sitting in my family room with a jar of PC Hot Salsa and a spoon while watching TV.
  2. I lived in Tokyo, Japan for a year.
  3. I have 2 sons, 2 years apart, who are both born on Mother’s Day.
  4. My favourite animals are elephants and snakes.
  5. I love all things fantasy and Sci-Fi related, especially Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  6. I drink Chai everyday but cannot handle the smell or taste of coffee.
  7. I love all types of pickles. Period.
  8. When I colour, I like to do it in the order of the colours in a rainbow.
  9. Before kids, there was a time when I went hiking for about 5 hours every weekend. I hope to get back into hiking this summer.
  10. Everywhere I go, I find a special tree that I like to visit daily.

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